‘Heal’ gedicht

Deze keer geen product of idee, maar een treffend en visionair gedicht. Geschreven in de 19e eeuw, maar actueler dan ooit. ‘HEAL’ door Kathleen O’Meara (1839 –1888), een Iers – Franse dichteres. Een must-read tijdens deze Corona-pandemie.


And people stayed at home

And read books and listened to music

And rested and exercised

And they made art and played.

And they learned new ways to be

And stopped.

And they heard deeper

Someone meditated

Someone prayed

Someone danced

Someone met his own shadow

And people started to think differently

And people healed

And in the absence of people who lived

in ignorant ways

Dangerous, dangerous

Meaningless and heartless

Even the earth began to heal

And when the danger is over

And people met

They were sad for the death

And they made new choices

And dreamed of new visions

And created new ways of living

And they completely healed the earth

just as they were healed

Kathleen O’Meara


foto: cromaconceptovisual

Met dank aan mijn zus, voor deze tip!


Stay at home – Stay Healthy


  1. els van pelt


    • frances

      Dank je, Els. Dit gedicht zou nu de hele wereld moeten rondgaan, toch?



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